WASSP Board of Directors Minutes

Board minutes October 2016.docx

Board meeting minutes 2/26/2016

Approval of the Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda by Jason and seconded by Phil.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Motion to approve minutes from the previous meeting and it is seconded.

Information Items: (add items that you would like to see in the bullets below)


Executive Report: Ken Griffith February 2016

Whew!  Another winter conference without a blizzard.  I am spending time buttoning it all up, receiving checks, paying the bills etc.  I think we will run a little in the black on this one.  We do a 60-40 split with Elementary folks on the expenses that we shared.

The website is updated with the new board membership.

I was windblown out of the last SSOS meeting but staying in the loop via emails with Joel.  JoAnne might have some insight on this one.

Orlando attendees: Congrats to Pres. Elect Peppard, it looks like his entire team will be there.

















We are deep into the legislative session with daily contact with Coalition which I share out to all.  I sent the SF14 comments to Ken Decaria from WEA for use with the committee.  Since then the Senate has killed that bill.

We have four great candidates for POY this year.  Their apps will soon go to the readers.  Our student scholarship apps are currently out with the readers.

Don’t forget to mark your summer calendars for the WSA retreat in Thermopolis.  You national president Mike Allison will be in attendance.  June 9-10 at the Days Inn.  WAEMSP is running the show this year.

With the conference pretty much over I am back to chasing down folks who have expired.  Membership slipped to 129 on the last report.

The Guernsey account is now at $14,612.21.  I will soon pay NASSP a little over $10,000 but will be collecting money from the conference.  I haven’t run the complete numbers on the conference yet but this account should settle around 7-8K when the dust settles.

With a balance in the conference account Kenny Jones and I are hoping for Todd Whitaker next year in Gillette

State Coordinator:  Jeremy Hill

Mr. Hill (State Coordinator)- SF14 is the biggest piece of policy on the table right now. There is a larger fine for principals who look at a phone than those who choose to keep their kids at home truant. There is a double whammy as we take our 10% cut and then those families leave the state thus taking that income with them.

Treasurer: Brian Cox

We are currently sitting at $30,176.32. Deposits were made in the amount of $3,665 for membership fees and disbursements were made  for 1)Reimbursement to Ken Griffith for the S5S conference ($355.42) and 2) AdvancEd sponsorship of $200.00.

Representatives: Phil Garhart (NW), Jason Garman (NE), Frank Jesse (SE), Darrin Peppard (SW), Ursula Harrison, Brad Neuendorf,  Steve Lloyd (Middle Level), Royce Backman (Assistant Principal Representative), Kyle Rohrer (AP Director)  Ad Hoc: Tony Anson (Accountability Committee)

JoAnne Flanagan SSOS, Eric Pingrey Professional Judgement Panel, Marty Wood  Assessment Committee.


NW (Phil) Nothing new to report today.

NE (Jason) Nothing new to report today.

SE (Frank) Nothing new to report today.

SW (Darrin) Nothing new to report today. Jeff will be the new rep for the SW since Darrin will become the new President Elect.

Brad (At large rep) Nothing new to report today.

Royce (AP rep) Nothing new to report today.

Kyle Nothing new to report today.

Acct Committee (Tony) Nothing new to report today.

Eric (PJP committee) Eric was not there but Darrin informed us that there was nothing new to report today. Darrin stated that there was only one meeting a year and there were no appeals filed through the state.

Meeting minutes for the WASSP Conference 1-24-16

Darrin Peppard shall now be known as Peppard not Pepprin!

Roll Call: Phil, Cory, Jason, Darrin, Brad, Steve, Fred, Brian, Ken

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

Meeting minutes approved and seconded.


Jeremy: nothing new to report. Coalition call on the 3rd.

Ken: Ken thanks all for serving on the board. We are growing over the past year. State system of support began by thinking that this would be a checklist of PD that they could support. Ken is no longer on the PJP because Ken is not a principal. Ken probably owes about 10 k to NASSP as we go but right now we are sitting pretty good. Ken is proposing an ad-hoc position on the board for members that fall into a position such as the PJP or system of support. The majority of the conversation was in support of the movement. Tony and Marty have been very good about reporting back to Ken and this would be a good example. 59 people are registered for tomorrow with 15 of them being teachers.

Darrin motions for an adhoc membership for any secondary administrator who is associated with any state or national level committee. Unanimous.

Nominations for board members: Frank Jesse for the South East member of our committee. Nominated Brent Nyberg and Ryan Mackey as a middle school rep for a middle level representative for the board.

Frank is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Motion to adjourn the meeting is made and seconded.

Our membership has increased approximately 30% over the past 5 years. Last month we were at 132 which is a high water mark for the organization! Cory will be representing for the next National elect president.

Summer of 2017 we will be in Philadelphia.

Date: December 15, 2015

Time: 6:45 AM

Roll Call: Ken, Jeremy, Cory, Jason, Darrin, Ursula, Steve, Royce, Brian, and Fred.

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

Motion to approve minutes from the last meeting and they are seconded by Ursula. Unanimous passing of the minutes from prior meeting.

Information Items:

Board Dinner @ 6 PM on January 24th

Executive Evaluation – Missing 3 7 received thus far and are still missing 3. Email Fred if you are unsure if you submitted or need another copy of the evaluation. The results will be shared with Ken during the retreat this January.

oMeeting Time

Corey’s Research Results- 50 responses K-12 with varying opinions. The survey will be closed on Thursday and then the results will be forwarded out to everyone.

Upcoming Trainings- Fred would like to see some research and training around the transgender student access and current best practices that may be available for us to draw upon in our individual districts. Ken will begin to dig for information to share with us.


Executive Director Report – Please see attached Executive Report.

o6 students have applied for the scholarship at the student level.

o127 members at present.

oKyle Rohrer is the Assistant Principal of the Year at Powell Middle School.

oThe account in Guernsey is still sitting well.

oRegistration for Cody is slowly growing but Ken will send out another communication.

State Coordinator:  Jeremy Hill – Every Student Succeeds Act has passed for those who did not hear yet.


oPhil Garhart- We had our meeting at the beginning of Dec and it was well attended. We addressed best practices with walk throughs, PD for principals, and local related issues.

oCoryDziowgo (NW)- Nothing at this time.

oJason Garman (NE)- Nothing at this time.

oMarty Wood (SE)- Not present.

oDarrin Peppard (SW)- Nothing to report at this time.

oUrsula Harrison, Brad Neuendorf  (At- Large)- Nothing at this time.

oSteve Lloyd (Middle Level)- Nothing at this time. Reminder

oRoyce Backman (Assistant Principal Representative)- Nothing at this time.

Treasurer: Brian Cox

o$29,385.74 at current.

Action Items:

Nomination of Board Positions - Fred asked if members would be willing to stay in their current role.  Jeremy, Jason, Royce, Brian and Phil will all stay in the same role. Ken nominates Darrin for the President elect position. Darrin appreciates the nomination but would like some assistance in the transition if elected. This will be opened up to all in the membership to be voted on in January.

Motion to adjourn the meeting and it is seconded. Unanimous approval to adjourn the meeting.

Date: November 17, 2015

Time: 6:45 AM

Roll Call:

Phil, Jason, Fred, Brian, Ken, Darrin, Brad, Royce, and Steve are present.

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

Motion to approve minutes from last meeting by Royce. Seconded by many.

Information Items:

NGA Supporting Principals Report – Fred

oFred attended a conference with Jillian Balow in D.C. The topic of the conference was about supporting principals. Major points were setting standards, principal recruitment, principal prep programs, licensing, professional development, and evaluation systems. Fred can send out the Manna report for those that are interested.

Executive Director Evaluation Due December 1, 2015

oReminder to be filling these out and getting these in to Fred.


Executive Director Report

oWe need to prepare a ballot for the January meeting as well as being the President elect. Fred will need to appoint that committee.

oSchool Culture will be one of the prominent topics for the Tuesday morning session of the Jan conference.

oNASSP’s new software program is causing for things to be a little slower in terms of keeping up to speed with all of our membership.

oFeb 25-27 is the NASSP Conference. In 2017 the advocacy conference will be moving to April from June to be there when the legislature is in session.

oReaders are reading the APOY applications as we speak and we should have something on that within the next couple weeks.

oDue to some issues Ken has been dealing with he has recommended that we all review our crisis plans and be prepared for the unexpected.

State Coordinator:  Jeremy Hill – Not present


oPhil Garhart (NW) – Did not make it due to some health issues.

oCoryDziowgo (NW) - Not present.

oJason Garman (NE) – All quiet.

oMarty Wood (SE) – Not present.

oDarrin Peppard (SW) – Is at the recalibration meeting in Casper currently. The evidence based model was moving forward but sounds like they may be leaning back towards the legislative model. Would have raised the classroom level size from21 to 25 which could have had some FTE ramifications for us all. Health insurance is another big topic of consideration.

oUrsula Harrison (At-Large) – Not present.

oBrad Neuendorf  (At- Large) – No new info at this time.

oSteve Lloyd (Middle Level) -

oRoyce Backman (Assistant Principal Representative) -

Treasurer: Brian Cox

o13 renewals and 23 new members this month. Our account is currently sitting at $30,037.91. Paid out just over $1,800 for Cory’s NASSP reimbursement.

Action Items:

Motion to adjourn by Ken and a second by Darrin.

Date: October 20, 2015

Time: 6:45 AM

Roll Call:

Ken Griffith, Royce Bachman, Jeremy Hill, Fred George, Brian Cox, Cory Dziowgo, Steve Lloyd, Brad Neuendorf , Jason Garman, Darrin Peppard.

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

Jeremy motions to accept the minutes and Cory seconds.

Information Items:

Statewide Education Accountability – Marty Wood

We should be continuing with what we are doing until 2018. At that juncture there may be a change. They are starting to think about moving the assessment to the sophomore year to give us more time to work on the data. Contractually the state is only required to use Aspire through this year but will likely continue until 2018. ACT and Aspire were not present at the school improvement conference.

Marty urged us to read the Executive Summary. ACT will be kept but not necessarily as the assessment system with our accountability act. Requests are in for the state to still fund the ACT and the Work Keys assessments.

Executive Director Evaluation

Fred sent out the link and realized that he populated the first question. We need to have those back in by December 1st. No questions on the procedure were noted.


Executive Director Report

About ready to open Rigor in Your Classroom registration. Deaedwood is moving ahead as planned. System of support with Joel Devorak may be looking for a principal to be a part of the grant opportunity but they would need to be out of the building for at least 2 days a month. Darrin suggested and endorsed Ken to participate as our representative. Please also see the Executive Director Report for more information.

State Coordinator:  Jeremy Hill

Nothing to report. Conference call is coming up later on today. Everything is on hold due to ESEA.


Phil Garhart, CoryDziowgo (NW)- Will be meeting in November after accreditation is completed.

Jason Garman (NE)- A letter was sent out earlier this week to get the ball rolling.

Marty Wood (SE)- Nothin at this time.

Darrin Peppard (SW)- Mid November there will be a meeting to pull everyone together to get an idea on concerns.

Ursula Harrison, Brad Neuendorf  (At- Large)- Nothing to report.

Steve Lloyd (Middle Level)- Middle level meetings will start after Christmas with a once a month webinar.

Royce Backman (Assistant Principal Representative)- A couple of APOY nominations have been turned in. The due date for the award was November 1.

Treasurer: Brian Cox

Current funds sit at $27,542.93.

Action Items:

Steve Lloyd motions to adjourn the meeting and it is seconded.

WASSP Board Minutes for 9/15/15

Roll Call:

Jeremy Hill, Phil Garhart, Ursula Harrison, Brad Neuendorf, Brian Cox, Steve Lloyd, Fred George, Royce Bachman, Ken Griffith, Marty Wood, Darrin Peppard, and Cory Dziowgo.

Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve minutes by Ursula, and seconded by Royce.

Information Items:

None at this time.


Exec report:

Please see attached. Keep a look out for the Spirit of Community Award from Prudential. Please nominate a student volunteer.

October 20th the next meeting will take place via “Go to Meeting”.

Kelly Morehead has been added as a new member and we are now up to 12 new members this year.

We had 5 interested folks for the committee Jillian Balow is forming. Names have been sent in and we will be awaiting contact. The task force will be most likely for developing a plan for the state and not necessarily any legislation.

Discovery Ed will be sponsoring the Monday lunch at the Deadwood conference.

Report from Jeremy: Nothing new moving in legislation at this point.

Report from NW: Informational set up meeting to come.

Report from NE: Informational set up meeting to come.

Report from SE: Marty gave an update on the new assessment that will be coming in 2018. This will be more of a performance based task from a vendor. The proposal will be for this to be given at the end of the 10th grade year. The assessment task force is a recommending body not a decision making body. ACT, Ark, and Smarter Balanced Assessments are the main vendors competing for the job.

Report from SW: Informational set up meeting to come.

Report from the Member at Large: Nothing new to report. Information was given on the upcoming literacy conference being set up at UW. See Ursula for more information. The website is very informative for activities and presenters that will be participating.

Report from Steve Lloyd (Middle Level): Planning to do some monthly webinars starting next month.

Report from Royce Bachman (AP rep):

Treasurer Report:

Current we have $26,347 after the most recent new member check deposited from Ken.

Action Items:

None at this time.

Motion to adjourn meeting.

Date: August 19, 2015

Time: 6:45 AM

Roll Call:

Ken Griffith, Darrin Peppard, Jason Garmen, Royce Bachman, Fred George, Brian Cox, Jeremy

Approval of minutes from last meeting: No questions on the minutes from our last meeting. Moved to approve the minutes and Royce Seconds. Passes unanimously.

Information Items:

1.WASSP (Cody) Conference - Ken

a.Note the email change for Ken. Ken will be reaching out after August to make contact with members via email and snail mail. APOY search will begin soon and must have valid applicants to NASSP by Dec 1.

b.Ken went over the WASSP Winter Conference in Cody. Please see the attached agenda for details. Ken will be sending out registration info as the year gets rolling.

2.Mountain States Update – Ken

a.NASSP is doing some national marketing surrounding the conference. Great training opportunities for administrative teams.

b.Discussion of the Go to Meeting platform for a cost of $39 for up to 25 people. We may need to make this an action item.

c.Ken's balance in the WASSP account is sitting at $9,851.83 in the Guernsey account. We still have a $500 scholarship yet to pay out of this account and a check to our other account in Cheyenne for membership.


State Coordinator:  Jeremy Hill

oCongress in recess and not a lot of movement on ESEA. Will hopefully be more movement once they come back. Big support from Senators Enzi and Barasso.

Representatives: Phil Garhart (NW), Jason Garman (NE), Marty Wood (SE), Darrin Peppard (SW), Ursula Harrison, Brad Neuendorf  (At Large), Steve Lloyd (Middle Level), Royce Backman (Assistant Principal Representative


o(NE) Just getting rolling.

o(SW) Nothing specific but Professional Judgement Panel was last week in Casper and everyone should be seeing their report on Fussion for the school accountability. There will be a two week embargo but there is nothing to appeal at this point. PAWS scores took a huge dip across the state and so some adjustments were made to assist elementary schools across the state.


o(AP rep) A few new members to report and be sent to Ken.

Treasurer: Brian Cox -$23,624.27 is in our current holdings with many new renewals to be coming in over the next month or so as we get back up and running. Look from July 1 to July 1. Brian will look over the figures from last July to see where our average balance sits.

Action Items:

-Go to Meeting platform was motioned for the new platform for our meetings. The motion passed unanimously.

Still planning on having the meetings on the third Tuesday of the month and the meeting will begin at 6:45 instead of 6:50.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.

WASSP Minutes 4/21/15


Cory, Jeremy, Ken, Fred, Brian, Steve, Lisa, Marty, Brad, and Phil.

Motion to approve our minutes from last meeting. Moved by Jeremy. Seconded by Cory. Passed unanimously.

Information Items:

Recalibration meeting is scheduled for this Friday in Casper. Jeremy is going to try and take part for our group. 1-3 pm is the time for it. Ken will also try to dial in as well as Cory.

School administrators retreat in June 11-12 in Thermopolis. The national president will be there and materials have all been forwarded by Ken.

Executive director report:

See attached…

Role of the board needs to be reviewed due to new membership. Try to get everyone together the night before the summer retreat in Thermopolis to review the mission and set goals for the coming year. WEN will be gone after the next year so we need to start planning for that now.

Contracts are in place for the winter conference and the summer conference. Ken is working to adjust the membership roles with NASSP. Ken was able to pick up 8 members that were unaware of their membership lapsing.

Regional Reports:


ESEA reauthorization is the primary piece going on right now. Good news is there is some principal education piece being added in. some talk of adding in reading components. Cory and Jeremy will be back in June to meet with Barasso, Enzi, and Lummis on the issue. Ken and Jeremy went over how to set up meetings with our representatives.


School activities being conducted during school hours is strongly being looked at by the superintendents. May 7th the NW is meeting in Thermopolis.

Jason: 6-8 members were meeting in Gillette.

Marty: Marty was selected for the assessment task force that meets in June. Any info to be shared should be passed on to Marty prior to that.

Steve: Nothing to report.

Brad: Nothing to report.


Currently the account has been closed in Lyman, WY and all funds have been transferred to US Bank in Cheyenne, WY. The final closing amount from the Lyman account was $10,990.56. In addition to these funds $1,090 has been deposited from member dues collected by Ken Griffith. This brings the current total in the account to $27,145.41 after paying out reimbursements from the National Conference for Ken, Fawn, and Jeremy.

The resolution to add Brian Cox to the Guernsey account has been signed by Mr. Fred George, Dr. Steve Newton, and Mr. Brian Cox. It is being sent to Ken Griffith via snail mail and through email.

Action Items:

Adding Brian to the account and removing Christy. Motion to add Brian to the account and remove Christy Campbell. Brad moves and Marty seconds. Unanimous passing of the motion.

Dr. Stock and Dr. Hvidston are asking WASSP to support the Summer Law Conference for $500 out of the Guernsey account. Motion to contribute to the conference made by Cory and is seconded by Steve Lloyd. Motion passes unanimously.

Declare the winner of the student scholarship for this year. Support for Kirby Winland for the main scholarship and the use of the administrator scholarship to go to the remaining 4 students in the amount of $100 each. Jeremy makes a motion. Marty seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Items for the good of the order:

Congratulations to Fred George being named the next Principal at Central High School for the coming school year.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Brad and seconded by Steve. Motion passes unanimously.

WASSP meeting 2-17-15

Fred started off our meeting with attendance.

¬Jason in Gillette; Guernsey-Sunrise-Ken; Darin R.S; Lis: Marty- Absent; Phil-absent; Ursela-absent; Steve Floyd; Cory D; Jeremy- absent: Brad- absent.

¬No minutes from our last meeting but there are minutes up on the web.

¬Exec director report-Ken Griffith

Principal training- coaching site on Guernsey’s web page. You cubed from Stanford link was emailed out earlier last week for us to share with our math teachers.

¬We have a budget broad enough to compensate the $1,000.00 scholarship.

¬Ken went over the timeline for the national conference in San Diego.

¬Ken spoke on the history of the conference and its location.  Used to go to the 4 corners of the state and then there was a low turnout.  Member surveys showed a desire for a middle of the state location.  WAEMSP would like to coordinate for speakers and keep the two groups together.

¬Mr. George cited pros and cons of the proposal.

¬Steve Floyd would like to stay with WAEMSP.

¬Jason- would like to see us stay to bring in big name speakers.

¬Ken gave an update on bills in the legislature focusing an accountability, guns, and 4 years of math.

Regional Reports

¬Jason NE- Working with an online scheduler to plan for a regional meeting towards the end of March.

   - Fred shared a kudos to Marty for his budget piece that was published in the paper.

¬Darrin SW- Working to increase memberships, no meeting dates yet.

¬Steve- Working with Ken to organize a monthly get together at the middle school level.

¬Cory D. NW meeting- Due to weather related issues there is a plan in place to try and have regions with in a region meetings.

¬Brian Cox - Treasurer Update…A bank account has been set up through US Bank in Cheyenne and currently houses $21,250. Fred George will be placed on as a co-signer to the account as he is the president elect. Once the remainder of the bills clear the bank account in Lyman Christy Campbell will be closing that account and sending the funds to Cheyenne for deposit in the US Bank account.

¬Fred George.- Clarifies if folks are receiving their agendas.

Action Items

¬Additionally there was a motion to send Ken Griffith to represent WASSP at the Advanced Ed Conference. Jason mad a motion which was seconded by Steve.

¬Motion to adjourn the meeting.


Meeting of the general membership

January 26, 2015

Dr. Newton called the meeting to order at 4:40 PM.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Report from the president:  Dr. Newton reported on membership.  What does this organization do?  Advice:  Become active and be aware.

Recognition for Ken for resurrecting the organization.  Shout out to Ursula for her advocacy.  Question:  What should our advocacy role look like?  Other recognition to Larry Uhling, Dana Lyman, and Christy Campbell, all of whom are leaving leadership roles in the organization.

Final reflection:  Dr. Newton remarked about the work that remains to be done. 

Report from the executive director: 

RE the constitution:  We are now a 501C6, therefore there has to be a name change Board of Directors. 

Ken advises that we contact our legislators re ECA

Ken reminded us that Wapitogopolis will be at the Days Inn in Thermop on June 10-11-12. 

Membership:  126


Teacher PLC’s across the state

2016 conference in Casper

Report from the Coordinator

bills include recalibration


Concealed weapons


Report from the Treasurer

We are healthy with more than $30,000 in the Lyman account

Action items

Ken described the constitution changes including cosmetic changes and adding two at large representatives.  Please see attached constitution for details. Motion to revise constitution passed.

Slate of officers passed.

oPresident Elect  Cory Dziowgo

oCoordinator:  Jeremy Hill

oSecretary/Treasurer:  Brian Cox

oMiddle Level Representative:  Steve Lloyd

oAssistant Principal Representative:  Brad Neuendorf

oNE Regional Rep:  Jason Garman

oNW Regional Rep:  Lisa Hafer

oSE Regional Rep:  Marty Wood

oSW Regional Rep:  Darrin Peppard

oAt Large Rep:  Phil Garhart

oAt Large Rep:  Ursula Harrison

Business from the floor:  Dr. Newton passed the gavel to Fred George.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christy Campbell

(Former) Secretary/Treasurer WASSP

WASSP Board Meeting

January 25, 2015

In attendance:  Ken, Brand N, Ursula, Christy, Larry, Cory, Dana, Steve Lloyd, Fred George; some new folks including perhaps Darrin Peppard and Phil Garhart?  Dr. Newton was being interviewed elsewhere during the meeting.

Ken reported that in the general meeting, we needed to pass the constitutional amendment prior to elections.   Regions should have time to discuss the positions.

Ken talked about Board education:  Being a board member of a non projfit.

Ken’s report on the conference:  Biggest conference yet.  63 registered.  It will be expensive, but worth it to grow great leaders.  1:30  Monday:  13 quick hitter sessions.  Sounds great.  Ken mentioned Dan Meyers (math guy) for a possibility for next year.  Location:  Casper? 

Wapatogamopolis June 10, 11, 12.  Supts are in charge this year.

Two scholarships:  $500 for a student that has a member administrator in his or her building; $500 for an aspiring leader from a building who has a member.

Meeting adjourned.

WASSP Board meeting

December 16, 2016

In attendance:  Fred George, Steve Newton, Cory Dziowgo, Steve Lloyd, Ursula Harrison Harrison, Christy Campbell, Ken Griffith, Jason Garman, Dana Lyman, Brad Neundorf

Minutes are approved

Information items:

AP trainings :  Only AP training in Wyoming will be next October.  Cheyenne hopes to open this up to and for anyone who is interested.  Steve would like to open it up for the required courses and allow MS and HS teachers.  History, foreign languages, art perhaps.   Increase the breadth and depth of MS teachers’ knowledge so that they could better serve the students.  Staff development for all instead of focusing on AP for the few.

Ursula says that Suzie Young at UW explains that they are not interested in developing any classes or joining up to present these courses this at this time.  The department at UW is overwhelmed with interim issues and doesn’t want to develop anything new until a dean is appointed.

Ken asks to have it “fleshed out” so that he can present it to the rest of the state.  Perhaps a roll out at conference would be appropriate.  General discussion followed.


Ken Griffith Exec Director report:  (We should have received written report yesterday via email)

JEC meeting:  information has been distributed to membership. 

Conference:  57 registered.  Board meeting/dinner that evening. 

Due date for scholarships change to Dec 1 so that we can chose prior to conference.

Refer to written report for further information.

Slate of candidates:  suggestion to keep it open until the conference.  Steve will send us a copy of the current slate.  FYI  Regions are elected by the region, then the entire slate is cleared by the voting body.

Ursula Harrison State Coordinator report:

E rate raised

Do kids get too much homework?

Arnie Duncan’s Highly Qualified for juveniles who are incarcerated

Met with Judy Catchpole about what the new supt should do first

Steve responded with concerns re HQ/Praxis for Sped teachers.  Cut scores: have to meet same level that math teachers, for instance, have to meet.  Highly qualified for Sped becomes very difficult.  State should be able to make some determination about what the definition of HQ is.  Cheyenne is lobbying PTSB and SDE to take a look at Praxis test scores.  Districts are probably bending the rules until they are broken in order to deliver instruction to IEP’d students.  Ursula will pass that concern along to Ms. Catchpole today.

Regional Representatives

Cory Dziowgo:  NW had a productive meeting in Thermop.  Google hangout, so some virtual meetings.   NW is going through accreditation in October.  Probably will schedule two more meetings. 

Jason Garmen:  NE will schedule a regional meeting after conference.

Steve Lloyd:  SE will meet again in April.

Larry Uhling:  Not in attendance

Christy Campbell Treasurer:

Very healthy $29,053

Ken remarked about the NW meeting and a teacher facilitating teacher meetings between content area teachers.  Wondered if we couldn’t facilitate meetings like that.  Keep an eye on those meetings in the NW and keep those activities in mind.

Action items:

Third reading of constitution revision with addition of conflict of interest.  Moved and seconded.   Motion carried.  Ken will send out a copy of the new constitution to all members.  Vote on it in January.

Proposed scholarships:  Are we passing the concept or the process?  Ken would like a review of monies etc. each September.  Then we would make a decision to go or not.  Two scholarships:  Child of member and a teacher leader future principal.  December 1 deadline for scholarship application.  Motion should set the big picture and we will tweak it each year.  Question is whether we should actually start this this year or not.  Motion:  Two proposed scholarships, September review with December 1 due date (except this year) where we role it out at conference with a 500 amount for each.  Moved and seconded.  Motion carried. 

Ballot for elections.  No action necessary as we already decided to leave it open during conference.   We will receive a slate today from Dr. Newton and the ballot will be amended as necessary.  Question:  If there is a contested election, what should candidates expect?  To stand up in front of the group and introduce themselves and their experience.

Other:  Ursula needs help with a 7th and 8th grade residency literacy camp at UW.  Thirty-five kids.  Is it a good idea?  Discussion tinged with cynicism ensued.  Perhaps a flier for conference so that principals could get an idea.  Target group at risk 7/8 graders.  Who came up with these ideas?  

Thanks for not scheduling a January 20th meeting, as I will be camping on a beach in the Caribbean that day.  Someone’s got to do it.

Merry Christmas and see you in Lander for the dinner meeting.

Christy Campbell


WASSP Board Minutes


Present: Jason Garman, Dana Lyman, Steve Lloyd, Cory Dziowgo, Brad Neuendorf, Fred George, and Steve Newton

Action Item: Compensation for WASSP Director

Steve Newton reported that the current compensation rate for the WASSP Director is low when compared regionally; however, job descriptions vary from state to state. It was reported that the treasury could support a $1,000 per month salary per Christy Campbell. The current salary for the WASSP Director is $750 per month.

Consensus amongst board is Ken Griffith has brought financial and organizational stability to WASSP

Incremental raises in the future may be appropriate

It was recommended that the board reassess this salary annually and proceed cautiously with pay increases.

The WAESP Director is currently receiving a salary of $27,000 per year according to Dana Lyman.

An accurate record of job responsibilities and hours will be requested annually for review.

Steve Lloyd moved to approve $1,000 per month salary for the WASSP Director. Dana Lyman seconded the motion. The board approved the motion unanimously.

Action Item: Adoption of the WASSP Constitution

Motion made by Fred George to approve the second reading of the WASSP Constitution. Dana Lyman seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously by the board.

Information Item: Regional Representatives

Brad Neuendorf supports including at-large representatives on the WASSP Board.

Dana Lyman shared the merits of both the current system of representation and the proposed system.

Steve Newton expressed his concern that representatives from both large and small school continue to be represented on the board

Cory Dziowgo suggested the at-large representatives could be classified by school classification.

It was agreed that a decision on representatives should be reserved until the winter conference.

Information Item: Elections

Notify Ken Griffith if you are interested in running for a WASSP Office.

Dana Lyman would like to see someone new to fill the Middle School Representative position.

Regional Reports:

Northwest – WASSP member surveys have been completed and are now being reviewed.

Northeast – One member from region attending the South Dakota Conference.

Southeast – Exploring options for alternate meeting formats.

Motion to adjourn made by Brad Neuendorf. The motion was seconded by Corey Dziowgo.

WASSP Board meeting

September 16, 2014

Ken, Ursula, Fred, Steve Newton, Cory Dziowgo, Jason Garmin, Larry Uhling,  Christy Campbell

Meeting called to order.

Minutes approved from last meeting

Discussion regarding membership.  Gained one member from Casper.  Gaining traction in Afton.  Missing Sheridan.  There are some gaps.  Various members will work on filling those gaps.  We remain light in Casper. 

Any budget issues.  About 31,400 in treasury.  Some discussion re Ken’s salary. Even if we go $1000 a month we will only be paying Ken $12.50 an hour…

FYI:   NASSP will no longer pay for POY and APOY flights to DC.


Ken gave us a little professional development.   Constitution. 

Ursula:  report on DC.  Concerns regarding bandwidth as it pertains to 1:1 initiatives.  NASSP and NAESP would like students to participate in a video contest regarding why their principal is such a great leader to honor Principal’s month. 

Questions regarding Ursula’s eligibility to be coordinator of the association.  Depends on reading of NASSP’s constitution.  Ursula is willing to resign today even though her intent was to serve WASSP until January because of her impending retirement.  Group decided on no action necessary.

Discussion here regarding the need for a full slate of officers in January.  Both Ursula and Christy are retiring at the end of the year. 

Regional Represented reports:

Cory Dziowgo NW:  trying to get the NW email up to date.  Cory is going to email members.  Park1 is going 1:1 this year.  They’d like input from anyone who has some insight or experience.  Dr. Newton asked that Ken send member/non-member info out to regional reps.

Kirby:  Trying to set up schedule for meeting

Larry SW:  Google Doc form from Ken:  it’s locked, so trying to transfer names etc is tough.  If Ken can unlock or set it up differently, that would be great. 

Christy:  Let’s pay Ken more.  Steve asked us to forward our info to him and we will consider this next month.  Want comparisons as well as health of treasury.

Action items: 

Revision of Constitution.  Ken will facilitate this process as we go through first reading. Voted on first reading.  Passed.   We will be ready to vote in January.

UMHZONTA@yahoo  (Ursula)

Ken will send new board addresses to everyone.

No action needed on State Coordinator position.

Meeting adjourned.

Christy Campbell


May 20, 2014

In attendance Ken, Ursula, Christy, Fred, Steve, Cory,  Brad,  Jason,  Larry,

Announcement:  Ursula will be mentoring new principals and running vocational programs for the district.  

WebX:  should come up in about five.  There will be a microphone mute somehow.  Ken wanted to experiment to see if we could use it.

Meeting in session.

Minutes approved.

Informational items:

Board accepted Mark Stock, Cheyenne superintendent resignation.  One of his new jobs is ed leadership program at UW, also leading a UW group mentor new principals around the state.  Our organization has not been contacted…this is news to us.  This is a bit disturbing since we represent principals and haven’t been contacted, etc.  To what degree are we interested in working with them, etc.  Significant discussion regarding UW and the principal program.

WebX is not coming up.  Tried, no success.

Ken gave his exec director report.  He wanted to talk a bit about wearing two hats.  We are a tax exempt entity in the state of Wyoming.  Many details to address.  We now wear a non-profit board member hat.  How do we serve the members of our association?  Conferences are coming together.  Wapitoga is almost upon us.  Mt. States 2 is coming together.  That will be robust and stranded for both veteran and new teachers.  Winter conference in Lander is almost ready.  Membership:  one of the other smaller states hired a head hunter (retired principal.)  Difficult for us to find all the potential members.  Analysis of what the dues get us.  Ken proposes that we all become head hunters.  We could send a 50 rebate to anyone who signs up a new member. 

Principal in service from Ken:  QRVoice:  lets you put in 120 characters.  Generates a QR and when the person gets it, it will say what you typed in.   Some talk about drafting, as in racing.  When a leader has someone in behind you, then you both move faster (commitment, loyalty, trust, empowerment, etc.)  Think about lining them up behind you at 200 +. 

Ursula:  scheduled to go to Washington on the 21st.  Meetings scheduled with Enzi and Barrasso, heard nothing from Lummis.

Regional reports: Congrats to Dana who is a new principal at Twin Spruce

Ursula:  Mr. Lloyd put together a nice conference for the SE principals

Larry:  Larry asked Cindy Hill to come visit with the SW principals, but she was much too busy. 

Treasurer’s report:  $28, 353.07.  Expenses to anticipate are Ken’s travel expenses, plus some old DC travel from 2-3 years ago if Christy gets receipts.  May have some from Larry, but Ursula should submit if she has any.

Ursula will develop a calendar for our Tuesday meetings.  WEN should be around next year, but after that we are not sure.  Ken will continue to work on Web X.

Meeting adjourned.

Christy Campbell


WEN meeting

May 15, 2014

In attendance:  Ursula, Dana, Steve Newton, Steve Lloyd, Christy, Fred George, Jason Garmen, Cory Dziowgo,

Minutes from last meeting approved. 

Information items: 

Changes to constitution proposed by Ken. Primarily language items.  Continue to look at these and bring as an action item next meeting.

Ursula:  Assistant principals in Washington DC last week.  A bill was presented to name last week as the National Assistant Principal’s Week last week.  Passed.  Recognized each year.    Another proposal to put money 2B into increasing bandwidth; also fully funding IDEA (unlikely.)  NASSP will cover cost of state coordinators to attend meetings end of June.  Mental health training for principals/teachers/school employees around the country.  Funded?  Local control?  Problem in Wyoming not accepting CGSS if they include climate change.  Keep looking at the PLATT

Cory NW his group met, wants to meet 4X per year.

Dana and Jason:  busy in district with lots of changes.  Nothing scheduled so far.

Steve Lloyd:  SE meeting scheduled April 30 9-noon.  Wyoming Leadership network pretty good training out of WA state. 

Treasurer report:  $29,203. 

Wapitoga:  can’t get us together, so no meeting there

Fred runs a darn good meeting:  finished by 7:10!

Christy Campbell

WASSP Secretary/Treasurer


Present: Steve N., Fred Cory Larry Kirby Dana Steve L., Brad, Jason G. Ken

Minutes of last meeting approved.

Regional meeting discussion

Steve asked for ideas.

Cory described what the NW was going to do.  They will attempt to set up 4 meeting dates for next year at their April 1 meeting.

Other ideas were discussed.

Constitution was discussed, and we wanted to keep this in our radar.

SBAC. Was discussed. Ho hum

Steve reported he now has JH contact information for membership.

Exec report was given:

We continue to chase expiring members.  WAPITOGA is now open for registration. New membership list is in Steve’s hand to add the JH people they have found.

POY is in the process of selection.

Copies of Guernsey account and membership list were attached to report.

Regional reps:

Cory retouched the NW meeting.  It was decided to have Ken attend regional meetings if possible.

Kirby reported his new position and introduced Jason Garman as a replacement. Discussion was held.

Jason was appointed by the president as the transitional replacement until elections

Steve report he will have a meeting

Larry is looking into later in the spring and piggyback with a tech meeting.

It was discussed briefly and decided not to attempt a board meeting at Saratoga.

Meet adjourned 7:45am

Meeting of the WASSP Board, February 18, 2014

Roll Call:  Steve, Ken, Larry,  Cory, Brad, Christy Finally

Approved minutes

(First 25 minutes or so recorded by Ken.)

Steve Ken reported on Dallas conference Steve shared principals pr portal

Ken shared mind sets from opening session

Discussed work we are doing Steve secretary is really doing gathering no members  Steve is going to send personal email

Discussed constitutional review

Discussed gathering input from members. Ken will send brief survey this morning

Brad talked about gathering input from assistant principals

Discussion drifted through common core and SBAC

Christy showed up

Regarding the winter conference, Ken would like us to consider moving our banquet to an awards reception instead of a sit down banquet, so that we can join the elementary principals in their fun night.

Attendance at the banquet is less than stellar.  Let’s consider this cultural change.

Larry reports tech conference in Green River in April.  Maybe have a principal’s meeting at lunch so that we can get two things done at the same time.

Cory had questions regarding feeding the principals at a regional meeting.  Some discussion that traditionally we’ve fed people out of our building’s budget. 

Ursula needs some info from Christy.  Ken will get with Ursula and get back to Christy.  Some discussion regarding reimbursing expenses from several years back.

Treasurer’s report:  $30,112 in the Bridger Valley account.

Action items:

Moved and seconded to pay for Ken’s room and board expenses for the SIM conference.  Motion carried.

Mileage costs for Ken to attend the NW regional meeting.  Ken asks to open this up for any of us running a meeting using personal vehicle.  Moved and seconded.  Question about amount. Moved and seconded to amend to reimburse at the federal rate.  Motion carried.

Travel costs for Fred and Tom Krieder’s spouse for Washington DC.   Moved and seconded.  Motion passed.

Request from American Heart Association  budget amendment for 150,000 for schools who chose to participate.  Review/30 minute unit on CPR.  Money would be used to provide resources.  AHA wants us to give official support.  Ken says that we should indicate WASSP BOARD, not general population.  Moved and seconded that we support the CPR bill.  Motion carried.

Prior to adjournment:  June 12-13 Saratoga.  Get reservations in if you want to stay at the Saratoga Spa. 

Brad offers help from Lander Valley for planning the winter conference.

Meeting adjourned.

(Send Ken my updated running record. )

Christy Campbell


Meeting of the WASSP Board of Directors

January 12, 2014

In attendance:  Larry Uhling, Steve Lloyd, Ken Griffith, Jeremiah Johnson, Dana Lyman, Ursula Harrison, Cory Dziowgo, Christy Campbell, Steve Newton

Approval of last meeting’s minutes:  approved with the change 501C6 to financial document.

Information items: 

At this time, we reviewed the executive director’s evaluation with Ken Griffith.  We read through the evaluation and added comments.  The Board appreciates the good work that Ken has done; we particularly appreciate his efforts to revitalize the association and ensure that we are solvent.

Ken reports that we are on a tight schedule for the conference.

Jeremiah led a discussion regarding the contested AP rep election.  We decided to just go ahead with the election between the two candidates.

Considerable discussion about the Jackson Conference, including discussion with representatives of WAESMP.   We discussed time of year, location, and whether to remain joined with WAEMSP or not.  We decided to stay with WAEMSP for our conference, but assigned the president, president elect and exec director to sit with WAEMSP representatives during this conference to decide on a date and place for next year’s conference.

Ursula discussed questions of budget and signature for the 501C6.  She will sign and the appropriate people will forward her financial information.


Executive Director Ken Griffith facilitated a significant discussion regarding the WASSP constitution.  He prefaced his remarks with a challenge to the Board to step up and decide what it is that we went to do, who is it we want to be, and what direction do we want to go in.  We discussed several ways to facilitate discussion regarding revision of the constitution, including using a blog, using Google docs, using regional meetings.  We tentatively decided to read and discuss sections of the constitution during our morning meetings, then scheduling a face-to-face meeting to formally revise the constitution.  Mr. Griffith also reported that he had approximately 22,000 + 3000 in undeposited checks in the Guernsey accounts.  However, bills are coming due and will be paid.

State coordinator Ursula Harrison discussed issues pertaining to the upcoming legislative session.  These specifically included the ECA which we haven’t enjoyed for ten years, and accountability. 

Considerable discussion regarding regional meetings.  Coordinating and holding a well-attended regional meeting is admittedly difficult.   However, there are advantages to maintaining the status quo regarding regional reps, who add a valuable voice to the board.  Some discussion about changing the make up of the board to include small school/large school reps, for instance, instead of regional.  Regarding regional meetings, Mr. Uhling suggested that WASSP structure a week when state-wide regional meetings would be held around the state with suggested topics for all.

Christy reported approximately 28,000 in the Bridger Valley account.  She had questions regarding budget items and will submit a projected budget within the next few days.

Action Items:

The Board voted to accept the Executive Director Evaluation 2013-2014.

Meeting adjourned.

Christy Campbell,

WASSP Secretary/Treasurer.

WASSP January 13, 2014

Meeting of the general membership

7:50 PM

Meeting called to order President Jeremiah Johnson.

Old Business:  None

New Business:

Election:  No nominations from the floor.

Results are as follows:

oPresident Elect:  Fred George

oSecretary/Treasurer:  Christy Campbell

oMiddle Level Rep:  Dana Lyman

oAsst Principal Rep:  Brad Neuendorf

oNE Regional Director:  Kirby Eisenhauer

oSE Regional Director:  Steve Lloyd

oSW Regional Director:  Larry Uhling

oNW Regional Director:  Cory Dziowgo

Steven Newton wanted to recognize Jeremiah, Ken and Ursula for their work on this fine conference.

The gavel was passed to President Steve Newton.

Awards:  numerous awards and recognitions given out

Announcement:  Next year we’re going to Lander for our conference.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 PM

Christy Campbell

WASSP Secretary/Treasurer

WASSP Board Meeting

December 17, 2013

In attendance:  Fred George, Steve Newton, Ken Griffith, Jeremiah Johnston, Christy Campbell, Larry Uhling, Dana Lyman, Kirby Eisenhauer ,Cory, Ursula

Minutes approved from last meeting

Information items:

Deadwood debrief:  Jeremiah.  Felt that it was marketed for assistant principals, but was very valuable for leaders in general. Twenty-five percent of the fifty attendees were from Wyoming..  Ken commented that the organizing group was happy with attendance but will plan to expand for next year.  Most attendees from SD, as would be expected.

Cory and Jeremiah did a session up in Powell.  Teacher supervision/evaluation particularly given that they are tied to student achievement.  Questions regarding consistency and reliability.  From SN:  Training seems to help; certification and standardization for principals.

Executive Director Evaluation:  Nine of us have filled it out, a couple of us haven’t.  Jeremiah will take the anonymous info from the evaluation survey and will bring it to Laramie to share with Ken. 

Door prizes:  from last month’s minutes, questions. We were each going to bring something from our region.   What are we looking for?  If everyone brought a few things to personalize it…maybe some combination of Walmart and region.  Ken suggests something from the region, not necessarily school.  Regional reps responsible??

2015 Jackson:  It was tabled last time because we wanted more people weighing in prior to decision making.  78% said Jackson.  No one has a problem with being with the WAEMSP people, but Wyoming folks don’t necessarily want to go to Jackson.  Ken addressed some issues with January conference; need to make some changes to constitution.  January conference opens up fall for Deadwood, maybe even state conference with Deadwood (concerns that the Wyoming state conference would be held in SD.)  SN expressed concerns with weather in January.  Ken does include a weather related hold harmless clause in the contract.  Ken does not need a decision until summer time.  Tabled until conference in Laramie; to be addressed in the big group.


Ken Griffith:  Slate of candidates:  Assistant principal slot is the only one with competition.  Missing president elect.  Ken indicates that it doesn’t really have to be a board member, although it makes sense to have the candidate be experienced as a board member.   Discussion here.  Perhaps an Ad-hoc position each year (new member, etc.)   Steve will talk with Fred.  No action to be taken, but movement with conversations.  Steve will talk with Brian, Jeremiah will talk to Brad.

Conference:  39 folks registered.  Ken will have three boards meeting in the same room, allowing us to cross communicate.  Teresa Ross and Cheryl Mowry won the lottery drawings for membership and conferences (?)

We may have to look at constitutional changes in the future.

Ursula:  5013CA needs to be signed at the conference.  With regards with what has been happening in Washington, occasionally you are asked to write to reps, more and more people actually doing this.  

Regional Reps:  No comment.

Christy:  $31,000+ in account in Bridger Valley. 

7:35, no action items, no business to discuss.  Next meeting face to face in Laramie.

Meeting adjourned.

WASSP Executive Board Meeting


In attendance: Cory Dziowgo, Steve newton, Fred George, Ursula Harrison, Kirby Eisenhauer, Steve Loyd

Absent: Ken, Jeremiah, Christy, Joann, Larry

Steve opened the meeting. Minutes have been read and approved by Ursula, second Kirby.

Information Items:

ACT council – Steve reported that he is on this council and they need more members. Present membership is made up of various people around the state, legislators, GearUp, principals and others. They would like representation from big and small schools. If you are or have anyone who might be interested drop Steve and email. It would benefit secondary having a voice on this committee.

501 – C3 v C6 – Ursula reported that she has the C3 paperwork, but after talking with Dave Olsen (WAESP), they have filed for C6. This is designed for non-profits that use their funds to provide their members with Professional development. They do not use funds for scholarships. Ursula will proceed with this paperwork

Exec Eval – please fill out the short survey so that we can give Ken feedback in January.

Free membership/conference – This can only be given to a non-board member. We could recommend a person who might eventually come on the board? Steve L. suggested that we give this as a prize at our conference.

Door Prizes- Bring from your region that will dazzle.

$15 increase – HOLD OFF. We have done this for the last 3 years as agreed. We are trying to boost membership and not a good time to put up dues.

January Conference update – Steve reported Sunday afternoon session. He will present data sets on ACT. Sunday afternoon is a time to visit. The board normally has dinner together. Ursula will look into places open on Sunday and menus.

Ursula had asked Ken about bringing Aspiring Principals attending for $100; this should be encouraged and is a source of future membership.


Exec Director –Ken submitted his by email

State coordinator – Ursula reported that NASSP had asked us to respond by Tweet or email to stop cuts to education and pass a budget!

Regional reps- Cory reported he has enjoyed working with Jeremiah.

Treasurer’s reports – sent by email - have approximately $30, 445.66 in the Bridger Valley account. (I haven't paid Ken for December yet.)

Action Items:

2015 Conference. Next year it is in Jackson – Concerns travelling, weather, and cost in January. It is hard to have elementary and secondary gone at the same time for some small districts. Fred noted that having both together has provided more vitality and better speakers. There have been times when the conference has been poorly attended. Maybe we should send a request to members about date, place, and speakers for the next conference?

This will be TABLED.

NASSP membership and National Conference – no decision

Ken’s Travel – Approval for the National conference and State exec training. Ursula noted that this was written into the job description. All voted in favor, Kirby, Steve second.

Concluded at 7:31

October 15, 2013

Present:  Steve Newton, Larry Uhling, Ursula, Joanne Flanagan, Steve Lloyd,  Christy Campbell, Dana Lyman, Kirby Eisenhauer, and Jeremiah Johnston, 

Ken is on the road.

Cory  in Meteetsee  NW representative  is having trouble perhaps no one scheduled his site.  His site should be up and running for next meeting.  Welcome to Cory.  Jeremiah asked Ursula to request membership in this meeting for Cory. 

Larry moved, Ursula seconded approval of minutes from last meeting. 

Discussion items:  Government shut down.  Open for general discussion.  Communication is the biggest obstacle for us.   Ursula gave background of question:  sequestration and lack of state support.  Cost of living index.  Retirement. Costs.  If you have any concerns regarding state items, send them to Ursula or Ken. 

Larry has worked on the exec director eval:  let’s finalize that process.  Everyone appreciates Larry’s work on this.  We can us it as a Google Doc then everyone can add to it.  One document compiled from everyone’s comments would be more valuable for Ken.  Larry will try to have that out this month. 

Ursula, info as tax status.  We do not have to report tax status.  We do have a simple form to fill out…small cost to register with the state.  Ken will have to deal with his accountant regarding paying his taxes.  Ursula will print off the form that we need to follow.  Action item to follow.

AP conference.  Jeremiah is going, Steve Lloyd going.  Today is the last day for reduced rate on rooms.   Ursula found the WASSP banners, which are more like window shades,  for the conference.

Wyoming Instructional  Leader’s Network:  is anyone involved, how do we want to participate?  Perhaps some emphasis on evaluation.  Through the supt’s organization.  Larry asks Steve to send out the info to the rest of us. 

Ken asked Jeremiah to plug the January conference:  Ken has booked TIE.  iPad for administrators.  Steve Newton will do some ACT training., probably Sunday afternoon.  UW BB game being arranged.

Anyone else done anything with Olweus?  Cheyenne is using it K-8, HS using SSA.  Campbell County is also using it K-12.  30 minutes per week.  Smooth transition between grade levels.  You design your own lessons, though…so no canned curriculum.  Process to get it into the school is intensive.. 


Ken:  read his exec report, he’s on the road again

Ursula:  Not much to report with the govt shut down.  Joanne asked for the names of the coalition members.

Regional reps:  Kirby, Steve or Larry.  (Cory probably doesn’t have anything being new.)  Larry says that the new rating for schools will be skewed by the number of grades in their school.  Joanne has sought understanding, but says that it’s fairly convoluted.  If we administer Explore, etc., we have to do a good job getting kids there so that we don’t have to deal with make ups.   If you use participation rate, 27% of Wyoming schools do not meet expectations.  Small percentage exceed them.  Concerns that it may be more rigorous at the HS level than at the MS and elem levels.  More to come. 

Christy:  Treasurer.  Ken is paid through November and Kirby has been reimbursed for POY expenses and we have more than 29,000 in account.  Christy will follow up with Kent regarding conference expenses. 

Action items:

Moved by Steve, seconded by Ursula to file a 501 3C for Ken Griffith.  Motion passed. 

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.  8:40.

Christy Campbell

WASSP Secretary/Treasurer

WASSP Minutes 9/17/13

Attending: Jeremiah, Ursula, Larry, Fred and Dana

Steve at Rotary, Kirby on the way to DC, Christie unavailable, Steve L out, Ken on the road.

Added an agenda item: S. Dakota AP conference. All agreed.

Welcome back. Decision for Tuesday was 50/50, it worked last year so decided to stay with Tuesday.

Mission – Steve put the words together for this mission statement. Ken has it up on the website. Some discussion, all agreed looks good and states the purpose. Jeremiah asks that we all support this and use it to describe WASSP.

NW Rep: We have a vacancy and so far no-one has volunteered. Jeremiah will send emails inviting Jason Sleep or Tim Winland to consider this position.

Membership: we are at 126, hasn’t been this high in a long time. If you know of new principals, please let Ken know who they are. We should ask Ken what places are not represented and see if we can get someone to contact those areas.

Dues: They go up to $441??, this is the third year of the increase. So they should be set for next year and until NASSP makes a change.

Executive Director: Larry has a couple of evaluation forms and will send them out for our input. Once a year the executive Director should be evaluated. Discussion on when? This evaluation should cover, communication, financial management, strategic goals etc…  Need to get this in place and filled out by the end of the year. Should we do this October/November? Dana suggested that we do it annually and have it ready for the January conference. Larry said he would like this to be a face to face discussion and we need to get this procedure in place. We could meet Monday at the NCA conference and discuss the evaluations that Larry will send out today.

Tax: Exec Dir. - What classification do we want a 501c3 or c6. Ursula said we need to have ken as an employee not as a contractor. Also, we may not n=be paying the limit before the status changes, Ursula will ask about that and what tax will the director have to pay?

Spread the Word_ the AP conference in South Dakota – this should be good and we need to support and encourage AP’s to go.

Coordinator report: Perkins is an item under discussion this week. Ursula asks that we encourage our senators and representative, to come to our schools and see what we do. Always publicize that and let Ursula know so she can tell NASSP.

Regional Reps – Larry not done much. Did send out a welcome email to the newbies and thanked them for joining.

Treasureer report – Christie reported that we have about $29,000. Really looking healthy. Maybe we can support an AP to come to the annual conference. In the past we had given out a scholarship to help someone go to NASSP conference. With having a joint conference in January, we are able to save some money and still hear good speakers. Jeremiah suggested that we pay expenses for the President Elect to go to the training in DC. Ursula said this was done in the past and she will look for the paperwork.

Action: Motion by Jeremiah: ‘In support of the Principal of the year and the Assistant Principal of the year. WASSP will purchase an airline ticket for a spouse to attend the honor banquet in DC. To be reviewed annually.’ Discussion. So moved by Fred and voted by all.

Meeting ended at 7:44 am.

WASSP May 21

Ken, Ursula, Christy, Jeremiah, Dana, Kirby, Steve Newton, Joanne, Brandon, Larry

News:  Saratoga attendance (several will not be there,) Brandon took a job in Washington

Minutes:  Ursula moved to approve minutes, seconded, approved.

Information items:

Ursula:  DC trip, advocacy.  Concerns re concentration originally on accountability of principals, but it’s been put aside, accountability of teachers.  Sequestration and how it’s impacted us.  New laws that have impacted education.  Is there anything that you feel you want to be discussed?  Email Ursula.

WASSP Mission Statement:  One of the sessions at Ken’s training focused on mission statement.  If you know what your mission is, you know what you’re marketing.  Key question:  Why do we exist?   Enthusiastic response indicates that perhaps we should wait until August or September of the new year.  The purpose is listed in the constitution.  Do we want to form a mission statement out of that?  Does that purpose match what we believe, what we are?  What do we spend our time doing?  If anyone else has ideas of over arching themes, email to Jeremiah, and he will craft the language of a mission statement…from there we can have the conversation and develop the mission.

Executive Director employment:  Tax situation.  See Ken’s exec director’s report emailed yesterday.  Critical issue is that an independent contractor provides services to more than one entity.  Ken is nervous.  Practical tips for employers…have an agreement so that we are operating within tax law.  Err on the side of employer.  From Ursula:  first, we do not produce revenue.  Neil suggests we go through 501c6.  We are neither buying nor selling, rather just sustaining.  With regards to whether EJo filed or not, Ken can file as if we were a reorganized organization.  Don’t contact IRS.  We are a service as opposed to being a business.  We are a non-profit, but we are not a profit.  Joanne asks what the national office says, and Ken 501C6 and that Ken should be an employee.  Ursula says that Ken is a contractor.  Ken does not provide service to more than one entity.   We agree that we qualify as a 501C6.  Ken is worried about what he is supposed to be.  Ursula interprets the national office’s advice as being given to larger organizations as well.  We are too small to operate as such.  Other states around us have only one organization.  Dave Olson was a 501C3. 

Let’s go back to the 850 that we have previously paid, Ursula and Christy let’s work on that, then poll the board and make this salary retroactive.  Action item to be added:  Salary for Ken to be paid at 850 pending approval retroactive to June 1.  He will be paid as an independent contractor.  (Ken will check with Dave Olson to see what they’re doing.)

Larry:  evaluation piece.  Made contacts to neighboring states, but haven’t heard back.  Looked at a couple of things.  Strategic plan, set of goals.  Larry will compile ideas from the neighboring states once he receives ideas, then bring it to the board.

Ken:  conferences and leadership (fold into report.)


Ken:  professional judgment panel is gearing up to go back to work in Sept.

Expense voucher, Mission will help him set goals, needs action to file 501C6.  Membership:  Wyoming was the best in increase.  We may have a 3500 rebate.  AMBA:  has anyone gotten any marketing from AMBA.  Newsletter.  Is next week or first week in June better?  Not much response.  Network has 13 members.  Saratoga…not any of us there.  Interim legislature:  joint ed committee has accountability on its agenda.  AP conference Moving towards late Sept early October.  CC leadership piece:  two day training.  Board replacement over the summer, that’s about it.

Ursula:  No further items. 

Regional reps:  No further items.

Treasurer: 21,734

Action items:

Ken get 501c6, get tax situation rolling, Joanne moved, Ursula seconded.   Motion approved.

Approve Ken’s travel reimbursement:  $1432.24.  Moved and seconded.  Approved.

Mileage:    50 cents should cover mileage and will be the WASSP standard. Moved and seconded.  Approved.

Ken’s salary increase to $850 pending tax research and pay him as an independent contractor, retroactive to June 1.  Moved and seconded.  Approved.

Jeremiah wishes us all the best as we try to survive to summer time.  Goodbye to Brandon Jenson as he leaves us and congratulations to Joanne as she becomes the curriculum director at Riverton.

Meeting adjourned 7:42.

Christy Campbell

Meeting of the WASSP Board

April 16, 2013

In attendance:   Ken, Ursula, Christy, Jeremiah, Larry, Steve Newton, Dana, Kirby, Steve Lloyd, Brandon

Minutes approved from last meeting.

EJ has been paid and our obligation to her is complete. 

Account down in Cheyenne:  Steve refers to update balance re account.  3929.22 checking $11, 279.43.  Activity in these accounts is reasonable and all seems in order.  We don’t seem to be double paying anything.  Largely inactive over last several months.  One last thing:  it was quite a procedure to get access to that account.  Banks need to be cautious, but it took about 2.5 hours to convince them that Steve could even see those accounts.  We need a better system re who is on signature card as people come and go.  Steve is the only name on that account because anyone else has to be down there in person.  Steve suggests that we need only one or two accounts:  Steve suggests closing that account and consolidating.  We need a procedure in place to ensure that the right people are on the signature account.  Christy and Ken are both on the signature card in Guernsey, but Christy is the only one on the signature card in Lyman.

Ken says that we need to move the Cheyenne money out of there.  If we can get Christy some money to pay for the NASSP bill (winter conference,) then we’ll be caught up.  We should be able to move that money and get that bill paid.  Move that

Minutes reflect desire to move that money to Lyman  First Bank, 900 North HWY 414, Mt. View, WY 82939.  Emma Jo’s name is no longer on that account.  Transfer all the money into one account and then on to Lyman.  There is no short term bond or CD.   When Ursula closed out the treasurer accounts several years ago, she had to have minutes, bank info, and constitution in hand.   Christy should print a copy of the minutes, sign them, then scan or mail them making them more official.  If Christy gets it in front of a notary, they could be notarized, which she will do.

Executive Director salary/tax status:

At first, Ken was completely alarmed by his tax situation regarding the WASSP salary.  Are we a tax exempt entity?  Are we a small business?   In the 90’s we were tax exempt.  It was complicated, but we are no longer tax exempt.   Because the exec director was a member of the organization, he/she didn’t have to be an independent contractor.  Ursula will investing  ate that with her tax accountant.  Ken says that other executive directors around the nation are employees.  We are unique in our state. 

Executive Director Salary: 

Regarding the $500 per month salary, when Ken agreed, to be exec director, he had personal reasons for accepting the smaller salary. Ken suggested that he owed WASSP something for our support during his campaign, and wanted to repay us for our support.  On this item, Christy will do budget projections based on the 120 number and 145 that we get through membership and propose an appropriate salary.

Evaluation exec director:  Ken asks that Larry Uhling serve as chairman of that effort.

Larry Uhling is the new SW regional rep.

Newsletter:  Ken is wondering about the value of the hard copy newsletter.  It’s fairly expensive to print and mail a hard copy.  Agreement that electronic newsletter is more efficient and certainly acceptable.  The email on all 121 members is good.  How often do we want the newsletter to go out?  Currently, fall, and right before conference.  Kent suggested that he not send one out in  May, as folks won’t read them.  Think about how often we want one and what we might read.  Drop Ken an email with that info.   Jeremiah proposes four:  Fall, pre-conference, legislative session and year end review.  Four go to everybody.

If we could begin identifying the expertise around the state, and identifying contact info about such issues, then we can facilitate folks joining and then leaning on each other professionally.

WASSP on Facebook:  let’s build and get some access to this.  Our goal with FB is to  create the collaborative community, branching out to members and non members.  Coming together in one electronic place.  Who has access to FB?  Email should be primary communication, but FB can get us out there.  Great idea, but caution against moving totally to FB since districts block FB.  Email is still the primary means of contact.  Good tool to drive for membership.

Steve brought up another idea to drive up membership.  Casper is notably absent from our membership.  How about Ken reaching out to districts, beginning with Casper, asking superintendents for the districts to pay memberships.  It might be a tactic that if there are no or minimal pay increases for admins, districts might pay memberships.  The time may be right for the folks in Casper to be on board.

The question on the table is whether Ken is willing to go to districts to discuss the membership.  Yes, he is.  Now we open up “value added membership” for middle level principals.  What exactly is our selling point for middle level?

POY and APOY apps were sent out.  Are there any additional changes that should be made?  Ken can just change the dates when appropriate.  We might want to have a one-page nomination form so that we can attract nominations without much effort.  Jeremiah suggested that Ken and Ursula work together on that nomination form.   Remember that if someone is nominating someone from another school, they may not know all the demographics of the other school, so to simplify, the nomination should include who are you and who are you nominating.

Regional reps:

Kirby reports that the NE met last month and had about 10 members.  Talked about the various issues facing schools now:  attendance, Alice, ACT, etc. 

Larry has set up numerous meetings between now and the end of the year.  SW should have a great year lead by such an esteemed and aged educator.

Ken re Saratoga:  sign up, bring your golf clubs, fishing gear, etc.

Ursula:  NASSP has asked that we get input on how sequestration has impacted local communities.  Mental Health Act:  President Obama asked for Mental Health Awareness weeks in schools.  Ursula would like to get a report together re Wyoming schools to send to NASSP.

Christy had no further comments regarding treasurer report.

President elect dates for Washington are on the calendar for June 23-26.  Ursula will send this to Steve.

Action item on account: Moved by Ursula, seconded by Dana to allow Steve to close out the Cheyenne accounts and move them by mail to the Lyman accounts.  Motion approved.  First Bank, 900 North HWY 414, Mt. View, WY 82939.  Account # 355005151, routing # 102300336.

Meeting adjourned 7:50.

Christy Campbell

WASSP Board Meeting

March 19, 2013

In attendance:  Larry Uhling, Dana Lyman, Kirby Eisenhauer, Jeremiah Johnson, KenGriffiths, Christy Campbell, Steve Lloyd, Joanne Flanagan.


Minutes of the February 19th meeting approved.

Informational items:

Ken’s efforts at recruiting

Ken says that’s it about 120+

Rolling membership…some may have dropped off

There were 99 when Ken first became Exec Director

There are 200 principals and assistant principals

Regions can do more to bring people in

Do we need a social media presence as a board?  FB?  Ken asks if he should get to work on that.  Collaboration between Jeremiah and Ken.

Another problem is that regional meetings are not scheduled on a regular basis. If the regions became more regular/routine in their meetings, like setting regular dates, they might be better attended.

NASSP DC:  Lots of information; the social was worthwhile.  Looking forward to a possibility of a summer/family friendly conference.

Winter conference January 13-14 in Laramie.  Hilton.  John Draper coming in; four topics the first day from crucial conversations about schools to bldg. management.  Bill Bond day two re school safety.  Doug Reeves will be there.  Ken is working on a pre con.  Joanne suggests a pre con topic of instructional shifts as pertaining to the common core. 

Saratoga June 17th/18th.  Get your room and register later, since no flyers have come out yet.

POY/APOY  Feedback on documents sent earlier?  Ken has applications coming in on the old process.  Doesn’t want these changes to take place until this summer with the APOY.  Changes:  WASSP logo on top to avoid conflict with WAEMSP.   Turn it into a narrative.  Make certain that it indicates that candidate is a WASSP member but not necessarily a member of the Board.  Qualifications:  clarification of Middle level and High school.  We can select one of each, so applications should reflect that we have both WMSPOY and WHSPOY awards.

National office would like our associations to sign on in support of recruitment and training act.  We need action re that so that it can be reported to NASSP and taken to the Hill.  Ken doesn’t see a down side, nor does he believe that it will happen.  We need an action item.

Back to membership:  Still need a regional rep from the SW.  We still have 80 principals who are not members, so we need a push on that.  Still getting membership checks that were written in 2010 and never cashed. 

Action Items:

Ken:  would like to recommend that the Board assigns Steve Newton as the person who can do business at that Cheyenne bank.  Ken is having trouble getting over there.  Steve could get into that bank and take care of business.

Larry Uhling moved that Steve Newton be given the authority to do research and business on the WASSP account at the Cheyenne bank.  Seconded by Joanne Flanagan.  Motion approved.

Ursula is on spring break.

Regional Reps:  Kirby says that Gillette is meeting on Thursday.  Cindy Hill stopped by and presented info on data being delayed re release.  Is there differences in the data?  Anyone else involved in capacity study, Kirby says that enrollment is increasing and needs ideas re how to handle that. 

Much discussion regarding treasurer. Includes payment to EmmaJo.  Christy will pay EmmaJo for her salary June 2011-August 2012.  Discussion of the other items in the proposed budget.  Christy has reminded the board that they approved Ken’s salary at $500 with the promise of a bonus if funds in the account warrant it.  Christy asked for reconsideration of Ken’s salary next fall, since the salary is low.  Joanne indicated that she would like a new line item for monies that come in from this point forward.  That line item could pay for other travel, salary or miscellaneous expenses as they occur.

Ken would like to travel to exec director training in Lake Tahoe.  Training re being a non-profit.  Moved and seconded for Ken to travel to Tahoe for training and access the travel budget.

Larry moved and Joanne seconded a motion that WASSP support the Recruitment and Training Act.  Motion passed.

Christy will email the signed minutes to all members including Steve Newton.

Larry, was asked if ye would be interested in being the SW regional rep.  He will get back to Jeremiah on that.

Since no further items, meeting adjourned.

Christy Campbell

Christy Campbell, WASSP Secretary/Treasurer

WASSP:  monthly meeting of the board

February 19, 2013 

In attendance:  Kirby, Ursula, Ken, Christy, Steve Newton, Steve Lloyd,  Jeremiah, Dana Lyman

Minutes from 13th  approved

Comments regarding Enjoyed Casper

Ken and convention bills:  all Ken has left is about 1525 for plaques and books left to pay, otherwise convention is paid.

Information items: 

Have we had time to study WASSP  constitution and contemplate changes?

Ken brought up we should probably change the language about the fall or winter meeting.  Ken will change on website, and we’ll facilitate change

Ken and Ursula:  bills in House.  Update on legislative action.  We should have an email on February 18 updating us.

Don’t report child abuse?  1000 and year in prison.  Do report child abuse and insufficient evidence?  Fine and prison.

HB 105 guns in schools and games.  Interesting discussion.  Defeated in committee.

SRO’s:  for every school to be safe, we need a plan, cost of police officer in each school may be prohibitive.

Encourage your local reps to come in to your schools

Mental health counselors

Accountability bill:  teacher of record has been taken out, test scores still part of teacher evaluation.  Teacher accountability may be gone, principal accountability may remain. 

Bills may have to be “re looked at” due to changes in WDE office.

Compass test has been removed as a senior requirement.  Effective this spring.  Steve’s seniors are upset; everyone else is ok.  Principals will

Thanks for Ursula for keeping up with this; no true WASSP membership consensus on some of the major bills, as we know, so we did not lend our support yay or nay.

WASSP reimbursement for travel.  Most are reimbursed by districts.  Mileage for personal vehicles.  Ken suggests 50 per mile.  Discussion regarding whether districts or individuals are incurring expenses for WASSP travel.  We think that Ken is the only one who is and should be being paid for most in-state travel.  More discussion regarding summer Washing DC travel.  We should be able to pay officer expenses for this.

Budget discussion:  What is what??  Christy’s budget pays for Ken’s salary at $6000 per year, Ken’s travel as necessary, summer travel to DC for officers, the bond expense.  Let’s take another look at budget and approve it for next month.

Payment for EmmaJo:  Where are we?  Ken cannot answer, does not know.  Supposed to get another envelope today, hasn’t accessed Cheyenne account, we’ve moved forward rather than looking at the past.  To be honest, it’s like she’s fallen off the face of the earth. Joanne didn’t get the contract from the attorney.  Emma Jo hadn’t received the contract as of December 24.  Jeremiah will contact Joanne to see what she knows.  Salary and expenses still need to be paid.

Suggestion that we have regional reps working on POY and APOY.  It might work getting folks to apply. Perhaps some permutation of that idea would work.  Certificates to regional “stars” and take our best star and send him or her on.  Steve Newton wonders if we’d like to move away from self nomination per se to a nomination process. Ken points out that we can’t get nominations.  Perhaps our organization can do the nomination which ties back to regional reps doing nominations.    Ursula asks of we’d like her to look at creating a shorter form.  Steve Newton suggests that the short form of nomination might be something that nominates based on merit rather than the minutiae of student data.  Jeremiah asks Ursula to create a short form for the board’s approval.

Identification of non members and push for membership:  Ken says NASSP says we have 110, Ken says 117.  Ken is chasing them down closer and closer, digging out every single principal he can find, trying to get more AP’s.  We probably have about more than 50%.  We’re growing.  Let’s all work together to gain membership.  Mailings are working; branch out.  Recruit!  Regional reps become even more important here.

Ken doesn’t have anything to add to the report he sent. 

Ursula as nothing to add.

NW region postponed a meeting due to inadequate commitment, but next time will hold the meeting regardless.

We no longer have a SW regional rep.  Bill Schlepp has resigned from his position on the board.   Brandon’s brother might be interested, but we don’t have confirmation of that.  Ken suggests that we can appoint, so Jeremiah will do that if able. 

Ken wants us to register to the national convention.   Brandon, Ursula, Jeremiah, Ken.  Four or five more going from the state.    Jeremiah will contact Joanne, we’ll take a look at budget, and we’ll meet again in March. 

Meeting adjourned.

Christy Campbell, Secretary/Treasurer

January 13, 2013

Members present, Joanne, Larry, Steve , Jeremiah, brandon, Jason , Bill, Ken, Kirby Ursula

Change of the state coordinator description for the constitution . Ursula told of the changes. discussion, pLarry approves 2nd by Kirby

All Voted in favor

Joanne where are you on your position with the board , are you wanting to stay in your position? Steve newton president elect. Need to replace the. Asst, principal rep. Fred George agrees, Steve nominates and his name will be on the ballot.

Nominations from the floor, Ken will print up the ballot for Tuesday lunch.

Ken report on registration for the conference we should have around $14,725

We are responsible for a third of everything for the costs, we will share with WAESP.

 All will be sent to Christie, Ken will pay out of the Guernsey account for the conference.  Christie has signed for the bank account. Ken needs to close out the account. We seem to be on the way to be clean. we have a project budget for the year and we need to work on the one for next year, for training president elect and any other expense.

Ken has a projected budget and it is still out there. Will have it for the WEN. He is trying to work out what is what, some send checks and do not say what it was for. We need to establish categories for balance and project from there, this will be approved as a board. Budget reports by categories.

We need to work out an establish amount for mileage.

Agree on the categories, Ken  will speculate for the next WEN. Ken will run this by Christie.

Steve create a membership list, who is not a member. We need to see who is not a member and why are they not. A list can be generated, so that the committee can talk to the non-members. We need to work on the middle school principal and make then WASSP. Ken is marketing this and we need to follow up.

Confusion in education, we need to unify the voice. This is the time to marshall the troops. The governor is going to set us straight ,  need to make sure that we are heard. we are back in the coalition. Larry we need to present something out there. Do we want this to be an appointed of the governor, we need to have a voice, what is our opinion.high expectation versus unrealistic expectations. We need to know what the bills are, how do we support everyone? Does the board make this decision, we need to know that there is a spokes person for us all.  Need to capitalize on, in this small state we can have a conversation with legislatures informally. We need to get the info out about the legislature and how they can be contacted, we need to get info out about bills and we need input. 

We need to keep DC informed, we need to let them know where we are as a state. Enzi listens, but we need to keep the conversations going.

We need this voice, Larry, says this is the time and we need to keep the ball rolling.

We need a Listserve , we need to do some education on this , how to reply. Ken has a complete email list, give this to all the board. We need input, will put on the web site. 

Ken has not paid NASSP for the last quarter, present $21,000 . Christie will get her money and also from NAMBA. We should come out of the conference OK. What is the grand prize? We will give gift certificates

Banquet, do we want to continue with the elementary principals. It will be in Laramie next year. It has been positive and a better turn out. The national give us $10, 000 for professional development , pay for a speaker and travel and hotel for the speaker. If we have money over we could buy a projector? Need to look at social net working for principals and have some work shops.we need to look at the constitution and Larry, Joanne and Ursula will review. Contract for Ken was approved. Ken will be on the Saratoga group. June 17, 18, we will be using Old Baldy. 

We need to be tax exempt, Ken will fill out the files.

Socials 20/20 and Life touch.

Thanks to Ken for all he has done.

Thanks to Steve and his team for the ACT training.

Meeting of the WASSP Board

December 18, 2012

Joanne, Ken, Christy, Tony Anson, Bill Schlepp, Ursula, Dana Lyman, Kirby Eisenhauer, Fred George, Steve Newton, Larry Uhling

Minutes approved.

Ken:  Anything to add or question? 

Going to Casper to finish up organization of Ramada Inn. 

First State Bank would like to have a copy of the minutes of this meeting copied and signed by secretary sent to Ken before the first of the year.   

In January, please let’s develop a mission. 

We have just about everything from Cheyenne at this point.  Joanne will have document from attorney for next meeting.  Steve:  prior to reimbursing EJ, let’s do an accounting of the withdrawals from the Cheyenne account.  Joanne explains that we’re in no hurry at this point, since we won’t wrap it up during this year.

Ursula:  Change in description of state coordinator’s position.  NASSP is changing the entire outline with regards to how it reads in our constitution.  Ursula is working on the new description.  Ken asks Ursula to send the change to the constitution to Ken so that he can distribute it to the general membership.  Ursula and Ken will represent us at the education coalition (on the Wednesday of our conference, so they’ll be in Cheyenne that day.)  Purpose of that committee?  Looking at the things that are going on, with the intent of presenting to the education committee.  It’s a coalition of all the professional associations.  Larry asks:  It was born with WEA and maybe the sups (from Ken.)  WEA does a lot of the leg work as they have a close eye on the legislature.  It’s facilitated by WEA. 

Regional reps:  Regions should send out materials that Joanne sends to us.

Tony (has been on the select committee: )  Tony has the bill that’s going in front of the legislature…asking the legislature to back up everything for 2-3 years instead of beginning next year.  Teacher evaluation:  urged them not to re-write 29 Recommend two areas of evaluation:  Professional Practice and Student Performance.  Misquoted by paper:  they don’t want a portfolio necessarily.  Five areas of evalution:  Planning and preparation, classroom environment,  Instruction, Professional responsibilities, and  student performance.  SP may be easy to measure in core areas through state evaluation, but not in others.  Teachers should set objectives. 

Evaluator evaluation:  Three areas.  Professional learning objectives;  Professional evaluation of artifacts;  Measure of student performance.  Principal MAY be let go based on two years of non-performance.  Evaluator instrument has to go into effect prior to or same time as teachers.  There has to be a lot of training and inservice on this.

Recommend discontinue Compass.  Use Hathaway Scholarship eligibility instead, for instance. 

Refine equity index PJP measured on growth.  % below basic.  Graduation rates have been difficult.  Recommend 5 and 6 year cohort. 

ACT:  asking for a better measurement of the entire ACT system for schools. 

Growth:  in the first recommendation, we recommend on the % of students who showed growth.  Measure by the cohort. 

Tony is a little concerned on the legislature taking away duties of the WDE.  It’s a bit of a dog fight between Supt Hill and the members of the committee.  Giving duties to a volunteer State Board of Education that meets once a month. 

Some discussion followed regarding the Compass test, even as it pertains to this year.

9th grade completion.  Members of the SBE did not want that, but Tony spoke in favor of it.  Very good indicator of graduation. 

(Very garbled reception during a good deal of this conversation.)

Contact your legislators, but be careful what you complain about, lest they attempt to fix it

Fixes?  Put more teeth into absenteeism, for instance.

Thanks to Tony for all the hard work he’s put into this committee.

Treasurer’s report:  $16,541.77.

Action items:

Approve Executive Director contract:  recommendation hiring Ken Griffith as Executive Director, paying   $500 per month Larry Uhling moved and others second.  Beginning payment with November.  APPROVED.

Second motion:  Direct Executive Director Ken Griffith to open an account at First State Bank in Guernsey, Wyoming, and designate Ken Griffith and chirsty Campbell as suthorized to transact business with that account.  Motion  made and seconded.  APPROVED. 

Motion to allow Ken Griffith to access accounts at Wyoming State Bank in Cheyenne and to authorize Ken Griffith and Christy Campbell, Treasurer, to transact business with that account:  Moved and seconded.  APPROVED.

  Ken will investigate the account and then close and move it.

Steve brings up question whether you need to have a person’s name on the account.  It’s supposed to have the organization name as well as the personal name.  We probably can’t get eliminate the signature of the person or persons who are going to do business with that account.   What we don’t know if the current president can get info on the account…have access to the account.  That may not be a bad plan, but it may be cumbersome to change each year with the new president.  There are problems with how it’s been set up in the past, but we’re moving in the right direction. 

Motion approved

Christy will send Ken a signed copy of the minutes today.

Larry  has had conversations with Cindy Hill and Sheryl Lain:  Common Core Standards.  Proposal that Sheryl and Cindy have is:  series of sessions around the state with expert teachers who understand the literacy aspect of the common core.  Provide funding through WDE and UW.  Are there any from this group who’d like to sit in with a WEN or phone conference for training to come up with common language for Common Core.  Each vendor has a unique language/vocabulary.  Joanne, Steve and Bill would like to in on that conversation.  Questions and concerns re how it’s going to roll out at the state level.  Doesn’t perceive a unified effort at the state level.  Concern:  district are doing the work to align and then the SDE will make decisions about priority etc.  Literacy:  significant shift from narrative to expository at secondary level.  Going to be a huge shift.

Request for Ursula to cancel the January WEN because of the Sunday night Board Meeting at 6:00 in Casper. 

Ken needs Steve to stay on for planning Sunday PM.

Moved and seconded to adjourn.


Respectfully Submitted,

Christy Campbell, WASSP Secretary/Treasurer

Meeting of the Board of Directors, WASSP

October 16, 2013

In attendance:  Ursula Harrison, Christy Campbell, Joanne Flanagan, Steve Lloyd, Bill Schlepp, Steve Newton, Fred George, Jeremiah Johnson.  

Ken and Larry in Sheridan at AdvancEd training

Minutes approved

Agenda approved

Salary for executive director:  members of the board met in Cheyenne. 

Discussion pay 600 with a review; 500 with a bonus;  Ursula proposed 500 per month with a bonus after 6 months review.  Beginning with November. 

Bonus from NASSP comes in June.  We can review and give bonus in June.

Payout for EmmaJo.  Propose salary paid out or as close to it as we can.  School attorney indicates that she needs to have receipts submitted to us by December 2012.  We probably owe her money for lots of expenses that she’s never submitted; if she has receipts, then she has until December.   Joanne will prepare a letter regarding the receipts to be sent to EmmaJo.

Christy has $7511.00 in treasury.  Ken has mailed her $1000 more.  EJo hasn’t been paid since May, 2011; that is 14 months @ 850/month, equaling $11,900.  We will see how much of this we can actually pay her, and what our contractual obligations (if any) are.

Info items:  The SW district has met yet, but Christy and Bill will be attending the WDE meeting with Cindy Hill regarding accountability.  Jeremiah and Joanne will attend same meeting in Cody tonight.  Ursula reported out on the meeting in Cheyenne.  The WDE report was due on October 15 and has been submitted; it is the WDE Progressive Multi-Tiered System of Support, Interventions, and Consequences.   The system draws heavily on successes in Canada.   Ursula suggested that the legislators learned a lot from the principals in attendance in Cheyenne.   PJP will make the final decision.   Steve Newton was troubled at the cut scores or the way the cut scores were set, which was admittedly arbitrary.  Perhaps we can give thoughtful feedback as to how the cut scores might better be arrived at.

Joanne reported on her work with the EOC committee or meetings.  Joanne will give us a copy of the report and asks us for our input…it will have to be a short turn around.

WASSP winter conference:  Pre-conferences session (ACT proficiencies, Central High team)  on Sunday 1-5 PM with rotating sessions.  MT schedules set .  Mike Mattos etc. see conference flyer sent by Ken.    Ursula suggested that we send out a save the date card soon. 

Meeting adjourned.

Christy Campbell

WASSP meeting

September 18, 2012

6:50 AM

In attendance:

Joanne Flanagan

Ursula Harrison

Ken Griffith

Christy Campbell

Bill Schlepp

Larry Uhling

Dana Lyman

Kirby Eisenhauer

Steve Lloyd

Fred George at Central

Agenda approved Ursula

Minutes from last meeting, copy with agenda, approved

Discussion re budget/treasury.  Christy has $7511 in account, Ken has 1700+.  Not enough to cover EmmaJo’s salary for the past year.  Christy would like direction as to what to pay from the following items:  EJ salary, EJ expenses, travel expenses,  reimbursements, etc.  Joanne, Ken and Christy with Larry will schedule a time when we can create a meaningful budget and sort out expenses.

President’s report:  Notice that Ken is the new acting executive director, decision made by Joanne.  We’ll make that official today in exec session.

Joanne has attended some sessions/meetings lately.  BOE/assessment system.  Alpine consulting meeting with group of educators from around the state to see if and how educators like the assessment system.  Oct. 10 meeting to prepare report to state.  End of course system name is somewhat misleading.  Wholistic assessment system.  Shoot thoughts to Joanne, who will take our feedback to Casper Oct. 10.

State administrators assessment training meeting in Lander.  Whole assessment division aside from Tammy Shroeder is brand new.  Lindsey ____________ new director, new coordinator, new ACT, etc.  Entire division is brand, brand, new.

At secondary level:  Plan, Explore, ACT, Compass, all in the spring.  They have to create an ALT to all of those.  PAWS-ALT  also in 11th grade.  From Larry:  Isn’t it true that ACT has its own accommodations.  Kids can use the full range of PAWS/state accommodations.  If they go outside the ACT accommodations, it will invalidate their scores for college, but it will count for AYP and state-wide accountability.  Joanne confirmed that we are NOT doing PAWS at the 11th grade.  No choice available anymore.  (However,) They can take a Compass in addition in 11th and the state will pay (per Paul Williams.)

They are all new at WDE Assessment division and don’t have answers to many of our questions.  Dates set for ACT, but not for anything else.   Test coordinator training in December.

Performance levels for schools and districts.

Ursula’s report:  Sequestration may take place.  March 27, 2013 discretionary programs are funded through that date.  Bombard them.  Emphasis on cuts that will happen.  Might go back to 2008-2009 financial status.

Ken:  Exec director’s report.  See Ken’s written report.  Discussion of regions, map of membership across the state.  115 secondary principals.  Trying to clean up membership lists.  Congress is declaring October principal’s month. 

National conference Feb 28-March 2 on the Potomac River.

Newsletter:  one in the fall, one more later in the year.  Also, Joanne encourages Ken to advocate that districts fund membership at some level.  Make sure that Ken includes the work on liability insurance in the newsletter.  Input?  Joanne asks for live.  Others agree. 

Ken has questions re POY and APOY.  No one is yet nominated, as we have not sent out for nominations yet.  Ken will take care of that, as the APOY deadline is Oct. 30.  March 30 is deadline for POY.

Conference in Casper January 14-15 at Ramada.   Get it on the calendar.  Ken’s update:  Mike Mattos guru on RTI/PLC.  Truly secondary.  Monday welcome and Mike Mattos.  Lunch, elementary do a 2 hour lunch and vendor.  We can join with or do business meeting.  We do our social and banquet that evening. Ludeman for humor .   School law out of Vegas on Tuesday morning.  Dept of Ed on docket is confirmed by Joanne.  Assessment and models are timely topics.  Rest of this falls under voucher from NASSP.  iPad for admins and Common Core.  We can precon that, or we can stay later.  Three or four days come and go OR….   Col Art Athens on Wednesday morning.  We don’t have Tuesday afternoon scheduled…Question:  does this seem too long?  Still discussion on pre-conference Sunday.  OR, we can have another conference training such as the iPad on another day.  Joanne and Ken will discuss this schedule in more detail.

Regional reps:  Joanne would like to see the regional meetings scheduled.  We have the one around Cindy Hill, but J encourages us to schedule them in addition.

AMBA proposal:  generally they work with retired folks, but there are some benefits.  They’re going to send letter to membership.  We get $3000 per year for selling the list.  Motion to approve carried.

January 15 meeting will be face to face during our Casper conference.

What is the mission of WASSP?  (from Ken)  let’s think about this and decide what our mission, focus and goals are.  It will help with membership. 

Larry nominates Ken as director.  Unanimous. 

6:50 meeting time is good.

Budget:  discussion cut off by end of meeting.  Christy will send thoughts re budget to Ken, Joanne and Larry via email.

7:50 meeting and exec session concluded.

Reception was sketchy here in Lyman today; I hope that I conveyed the intent of the discussions.

Christy Campbell


WASSP May 9, 2012

In attendance:  Joanne Flanagan, Christy Campbell, Bill Schlep, Kirby E, Steve Newton, Larry Uhling, Dana Lyman, Fred George, Branden Jensen, Jeremiah Johnson, {Ursula, EmmaJo came in mid way}

Prior to the bgn of meeting, Joanne asked if we’d been on the WDE web site to look at the overview of the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act.  


Bill regional meeting in Kemmerer, 12-13 members, good discussion on a variety of issues.  Very positive meeting. 

Meeting in Wheatland as well.  Joanne didn’t make it there.  Went well.  State reps talking about accountability.  Not a great turn out, but a valuable meeting.  Next year if folks show up, they’ll have a good experience.  Trying to host in Douglas next year.

Minutes approved

Treasurer report :  About 621 in the account in Lyman.  No monies received for one year.   I have not paid EmmaJo in one year; have not paid expenses in three years; have not reimbursed travel from last summer.  EmmaJo emailed me last night reporting that she’d send me about $5000 this morning. 

Old Business:  Saratoga:  anybody planning on going?  Larry Uhling, Campbell County perhaps, Not going to try to plan a Sunday meeting due to the small number of people going to be there.  We’ll plan the winter conference when we get back to school in Sept. 

New Business:  Senate file 57 Select committee advising on rules and regs that will result from that.  Tony has been our representative on that meeting, hoping that he will continue.  If not, we’ll have to appoint someone else.  Quite a bit of information in the overview.  Joanne encourages us to read the overview. 

Larry Uhling asks what the group members think of the ACT being the “bar” to show proficiency for our students.  Good discussion. 

(Congrats to Steve on his doctorate!) 

Back to reports: 

Ursula:  Sent out to all of us to contact CEF re budget with cuts to education.  Deadlock.  Concern is that with elections, no actions will be taken, therefore funding will be reduced considerably.  {Until that issue is resolved, they need to go back to original funding.}  Accountability will be for the bottom five percent.  AYP will “go away” and priority will be on bottom 5% schools based on student performance.   No one knows what will happen with reauthorization. 

EmmaJo:  will work on brochure that NASSP is doing for us this week and have it prior to the fall.  POY is Richard Taedter principal of alt school in Rawlins.   EJ will have a check to me today, another later, and another by the end of June.  EJo does not spend dues money.  A lot of people pay dues end of June.  Numbers are down.  Encourage everyone to go to Saratoga. 

Joanne asked Larry to speak to the State Supt of Education select committee.  Seven commitments of high performing schools.  Selected 23 educators…anyone know who was involved?  Was this an off shoot of the “talent pool?”  None of us know who was involved…  there might be something that comes out of there that impacts us.  Joanne will find out who was involved. (Wind River.)

No further business, meeting adjourned 7:35.

Christy Campbell, Secretary

WASSP Board Meeting

March 14, 2012

In attendance:  Joanne, Dana, Larry, Christy, Kirby, Bill, Steve,  (anyone else?)

Agenda approved (Larry moved, Dana seconded.)


No secretary report. Christy will resume taking minutes, hasn’t been available for two months.  (In Honduras during the last meeting, sorry about that!)

Christy has not been getting emails, Joanne will add her to the list

Treasurer report:  no funds received for many months.  No salaries or bills paid since last summer, including reimbursements for national travel.

NASSP in Tampa, a few people there.  Topics of interested included social media, common core,

School improvement:  Discussion re assessments, accountability.  Committee meetings will be held, and we should be represented.

Old Business: 

Plans for regional meetings

oSpreadsheet with members.  Neither Steve nor Christy received theirs; Joanne will resend.

o Dana asked re educational directory.  Updated directory is on the web, it isn’t printed.

oSteve has scheduled the SE meeing for April 17 in Wheatland 9-noon or so.  Great response from principals.  Topics for discussion accountability, assessment.  This will be held at the MS>.

oKirby had scheduled the NE meeting for April 18, but there may be a conflict.  Will keep principals posted.

oPlease keep Joanne and Larry in the loop re those regional meetings, and they will try to attend.

Winter conference:  joint with WAEMSP, January 14, 2013.   Keynote speaker  Mike Mattos has been booked.  That leaves us January 14 for the banquet, 15th for break out sessions.  Dana has talked to Dave Olsen, who reassured us that what the WAEMSP paid was correct.  Joanne confirmed.

oWe will continue 1/3 with them paying 2/3

o(Where will the conference be held?)

New Business:

Wapati is in  Saratoga June 10-12.  We should have a (board)  planning meeting on June 10th. Please let Joanne know if you can be there the 10th.  Larry will make the sacrifice.   Others are not sure.

Saratoga Inn booked with blocks of rooms for us. 

The WSBA should have information out soon.

Joanne brought up SF 57 (Accountability Bill):  final draft  can be found on the govt website. Hot topic in the regions.  Some of the wording did change from the original, but it’s still pretty big (alarming,) depending on how it’s implemented.    Larry asks if there is anything in there dealing with body of evidence.  Joanne indicates no.  BOE has disappeared from conversation.   Smarter Balance:  there are two national organizations vying for the assessment side:  PARC and Smarter Balance.  PARC east coast, SB more MW.  SB seems more forward thinking can be joined for free.  The state has not joined the consortium yet.  Keep our eyes trained on this.

As there was no further discussion, the meeting adjourned about 7:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Christy Campbell

WASSP Secretary/Treasurer

WASSP WEN meeting


December 14, 2011

Present: Larry, Ursula, EmmaJo, Tony, Joanne, Brandon, Jeremiah

Absent: Mike, Shannon, Christie, Ken and Dana

Treasurer report: Nothing reported

NASSP – Ursula reported that NASSP is interested in what each state is doing with regards to the NCLB Waiver? The reason is because NASSP is hoping to do a joint webinar with the Alliance for Excellent Education-a coalition partner of ours that focuses on dropout prevention and graduating all students college- and career-ready-and we’d love to have a principal “call in” live on a webinar to speak about his/her participation in the waiver application process.

Tony talked with Cindy, after he had talked with Enzi, and she is not going to support it as she is waiting for the outcome of NCLB. Larry said maybe we can bring this up with Cindy on Friday.

Common Core – the state missed the deadline for input and did not vote on this. Talk with Cindy on Friday.

Larry asked where are we in the Districts and polled those on the meeting. All are in some process and support the common core. After all no-one wants to be left behind?

NASSP confer4ence scheduled for March, get your registrations in, encourage other to go.

Membership Report- EmmaJo continues to register new members, we are on report #10 and she has taken all the new principals from the directory and contacted them to join. NASSP sent us a rebate check for $2088 this week and EmmaJo will send it on to Christie.

WASSP Convention: January 17 & 18t, 2012. So far we have 10 signed up. Agendas have been sent out. EmmaJo suggested that we send out agendas for both WASSP and WAESP and the new cost structure if you want to attend both. Larry suggests that we mail out through the Post office. Tony will work on this and EmmaJo will get the info to him by noon today.

Guest speakers from Wyoming – they will get a $100 stipend, paid hotel room. They will use their district cars. Brandon and Larry will let the speakers know of WASSP intentions.

Committee Meetings: Tony reported- Presented to the legislature 2 weeks ago and last week a 3hour conference to finalize recommendations. They recommend use of growth and achievement model for reporting – use state assessment test; ACT/PLAN/Explore as other assessments, and college readiness scores (similar to ACT with a baseline of 18.

Ursula asked about the banking of scores for PAWS, at the meeting last week they said maybe, but next year we will have a new test. We will bring this up with Cindy on Friday.

Writing is no longer on the PAWS; we will pilot one prompt, some discussion about there being more than one. Another question for Cindy.

Regional Meetings: nothing to report.

Assistant Principal of the Year – the committee has selected one person. That person has been notified. The superintendent needs to be notified and the other applicant will be notified that they were not chosen and should submit again next year.

Principal of the Year – Ursula has sent that out to all Principals and it has also gone to the Superintendent group. Ursula will contact Dan Stephan’s again today and ask that he encourage Supers to recommend principals. POY applications deadline March 1.

Meeting with Cindy – Friday at 10:00, those in attendance will be Larry, Tony (by phone), Ursula, and Brandon (by phone). Larry will get a list of questions to Cindy ahead of the meeting.

Other: Regional Conference. NASSP recommends that we have regional conferences/ EmmaJo reported that District 4 & 5 and Missouri will attend a one day conference in Chicago. She will use her miles to fly and charge WASSP for the hotel and ground transportation.

Larry asked EmmaJo how it was coming along with getting her records out of storage. She said later in January.

Next meeting will be on January16th at 6:00. EmmaJo will set up a light supper.

Ursula will inform WEN that the meeting on January 11 will be cancelled.

Ended 7:44am.


October 12, 2011

In attendance:  Ursula, EmmaJo, Larry, Christy, Dana, Laramie UW, Tony, Shannon, Brandon Jensen

Meeting brought to order at 6:50 by LU

Response to Larry re agenda:  thanks for sending out both via email and Google Doc. 


Minutes approved no additions or corrections.

Treasurer report.  No new funds since last school year.

oEmmaJo has just sent $$ to NASSP, but hasn’t sent anything to Christy.

From EmmaJo:  Thirty members have renewed.  Larry has had calls re membership information.  EmmaJo says that it should all be taken care of.  NASSP sends out cyclical membership notices.  NASSP had sent out Sept, Oct, and Nov cyclical notices out already.  Matt inquired re Cheyenne.  Shane Ogden hadn’t rec’d his.  Larry is passing along concerns from principals.  Answer:  Matt is in December.  We should remember that it’s cyclical…on different months.

NASSP:  Ursula reports regarding programs that are being eliminated.  Anti-bullying; Common Core; Tony re Common Core.  Nov 15 final adoption, however legislators feel that they will have to legislate after the fact.  We know that there is contention between WDE and WYO legislature.  Principal evaluation:  state or national evaluation system. 

Old Business

WASSP convention January 17th and 18th for us. 

oThermopolis MS principal communication tools

oBusiness meeting and POY candidates

o18th full day with keynote speaker

oLet’s get the agenda set ASAP

oKen has asked to be a speaker

oJoAnn Barteletti to be invited.

oWDE to give us an update

oUrsula will make contacts this week

oCassie Lallak ART (spelling)

oAccreditation cycle PLC’s have to be in place

oTIE folks

oQuantum Learning

oDistrict model accreditation

oRemember the decrease in accreditation standards from 7 to 5

oIs there someone in our state to help us with PLC implementation

oBombard with Save the Date this week or next

oClarion Hotel info from Emma Jo.  $69  Clarion in Gillette.

New Business

University of Wyoming :  introduced selves

oThree UW reps:  Andy Hansen, Sarah Axelson

oDiscussed proposed changes to basic admittance standards. 

oAssured admittance with ACT of 21 or greater and 3.0 GPA, + Hathaway success curriculum. This describes 90% of kids admitted this year.

o10% who come in without this will be offered support.

oTown meetings around the state. 

oTrustees will discuss this in their late November meeting, otherwise will defer to January.  If adopted, scheduled to take effect fall of 2013

oNo penalty for being put on a different track.  Class sizes will be smaller and kids will travel as cohort.  Hathaway covers the cost since these are not remedial courses.

Larry asked:  what’s the actual change in requirement?  From 4 years of Eng and 3 years of the CORE  to 4 years of English, math, science, 3 social and 2 of foreign language.  Some changes in GPA.  The new requirement would be the Success Curriculum.  If they haven’t met this, they’d be admitted with support (Synergy Program.)

Synergy program:  smaller classes, cohort, career counseling

Assistant POY:  haven’t heard anything yet.  Tony volunteers to send out a letter re this.  Due to us November 1. For the state.  Application downloadable from NASSP website.

POY March 1

Regional meetings? 

oEarly Nov Thermop for NW region   Brandon Jensen

oSE  SW nothing 

Prudential community award?  Yes, we have rec’d that info

State of Minnesota Region 4:  what they’ve been doing in the past is meeting in Chicago with region 5.  Joanne Cunuth asks if we’d be interested in Chicago for regional meetings.  NASSP has been helping us with regional meetings.  We’d like more info particularly $ wise. 

Emma Jo brings up that it would be really good to support ND that we won’t be involved with the reception for this year because we can go to the president’s reception.   Tony believes that Ken will invite them to the other one.   Both groups can probably not do one at this time.  Check with Ken to make sure it’s a go.

Next meeting in November.  Remember to send names for January 17.

Meeting adjourned 7:40.

Christy Campbell

WASSP Secretary/Treasurer

Meeting of WASSP

September 14, 2011

In attendance:  Larry Uhling, Ursula, Shannon, Christy, EmmaJo, Jeremiah,

Sec report:  minutes sent Monday night (Larry didn’t get)  EmmaJo was planning on sending check yesterday but had a crisis.  Outstanding several thousand dollars.

Treasurer’s Report:  $719.77 Not enough to pay DC expenses, EmmaJo’s salary for the past several months, or business expenses.

Add to agenda:

Old Business regional meetings

New business asst principal of year nominations


Deadlines for APOY December 1 to NASSP.  State deadline

November 1.

Applications for POY available October.  State deadline March 1.

Discussion topics from NASSP


18 renewals or new members and some PO’s from last year.  We will expect about $2000 from this money.

Larry questions whether we received a rebate check from NASSP.  EmmaJo will check her bank statement, because Christy doesn’t believe she received that check.

Ursula has the membership list with joining and expiration dates.  Discussion that we might send an email out with an invitation or reminder to join.  Ursula will do that.

Old Business:

WASSP convention is set in conjunction with WAEMSP

Date is:  go in evening of January 16, start AM 17, share speaker 18.  Keynote is poverty.  Meetings may go all day long.

Location:  Gillette

Send out a save the date.

How many rooms do we need reserved?  Reserve 40 and find out a date when we can cancel some.

Legislative meetings:  no info

Regional meetings:  please notify Larry about when we’re going to have meetings so that

Christy left at 7:25 for faculty meeting at LIS.

May 11, 2011

In attendance:  Larry Uhling, Tony Anson, Joanne Flannagan, Christy Campbell, Mike Helenbolt, Ursula Harrisonn and EmmaJo Spiegelberg

Minutes approved and accepted.

Treasurer’s report:  EmmaJo has sent Christy $6900 for 60 paid members.  One bill coming up:  under $100 that Ken Griffith has indicated will be coming due.

NASSP report:  Ursula will forward a letter from Duncan. 

Membership:  121 paid members from NASSP from Ursula.  EmmaJo has explained that NASSP pays us for members paid.  Joanne asked if we were familiar with Google Docs and suggested that we try that so that Christy and EmmaJo can see updated membership at any time.

Wapati:  Emma Jo reports that we have 14 individuals who have registered for Wapati.    Tony has not received registration materials.  Ursula says that it went out 3 weeks ago. Tony suggested that EmmaJo contacts the SDE for an email address download.  EmmaJo has sent out invites to everyone secondary.  Elementary has received theirs, so have Supts.   Joanne:  have we only sent it out electronically?  Larry:  Maybe we need to follow up with a phone call?  After this meeting, Ursula will send out another email for our members.  Tony suggests that we contact those folks who normally attend to confirm that they have received the invite.  EJo will send out a list today of anyone who has already registered.

Sponsors for Wapati:  Three sponsors so far. 

WASSP convention:  SIM got moved into October.  Larry talked to Dave Olsen for WAEMSP…he’d like to talk to us at Wapati to discuss joining or overlapping with them.  (We may not get this done this year.)  From EJo:  the UnionPacific partnership is ending.  Tony indicates that he doesn’t think that anyone is opposed to joining with WAEMSP…use the vocational model re combining for a main speaker.  Question is location….WAEMSP is Gillette this time, we were looking at Casper/Lander.  From Joanne:  are we thinking of moving back into Sept due to the change in SIM?  Ursula will ask them the reason for the change.  Tony suggests that we move back to the Sept date Monday/Tuesday. 

Wapati:  If you’re coming, bring ideas for conference, no matter what the date.

More discussion about WASSP dates…better shot would be mid September (Sept. 19-20)  One shot antelope hunt is about then in Lander.   Within the next week, Tony will send out a survey regarding the conference, particularly in light of the new SIM date.

Committee meetings: 

Tony:  nothing new legislatively.  Meeting June 14-15.

Ursula:  report on Statewide Assessment Review committee (east side of state.)  Talked about PAWS.  Discussed online vs handwritten.  Came out with 4 year plan.  Ursula will share the plan via email.  Another meeting in the west (Riverton.)  Broke them up teachers/admin.  Teachers prefer paper/pencil.  Admins prefer online.  Discussion of removing writing, state still wants writing..

2010 AYP reading and writing.

2012:  PAWS (no writing prompt), Explore, ACT, MAP in reading mathematics K-8 fall and spring statewide.  2012 pilot statewide assessment in writing.  Much discussion at meetings re length of test.  National test?  Biggest problem involved with moving into the national core standards is transition.  Correlation between PAWS and new test coming in 3-4 years.  Tony makes the cogent point that PAWS changes every year, so there’s not much statistical validity in the first place.  YEA Tony.  Common core in reading and math may be, beginning next January districts would have 6 months to adopt.  Vote coming up in December.  Let’s talk to Tammy Schroeder at Wapati re the common core.

Next time we meet will be in Wapati.

Meeting adjourned 7:40.

Respectfully submitted, 

Christy Campbell

WASSP Secretary/Treasurer